MALAPASCUA & BANTAYAN, an Islands of Dreams!

September 26, 2015

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‪#‎BYAHENGVISAYAS, ‪#‎Philippines

Cebu Province, Island Visayas

September 11 to 15, 2015


“We’ll do that for you”

 I woke early than usual for a ‪#‎visit ‪#‎flight ‪#‎travel ‪#‎adventure ‪#‎roadtrip to the northern part of Hara nga Dakbayan… Pilipinas!

“Queen City of the South”, “First Capital of the Philippines”, “The Gateway to a Thousand Journeys”

 To ‪#‎explore, ‪#‎discover and ‪#‎experience in two ‪#‎island ‪#‎beaches popularly known and ‪#‎tour around in this Northern Island… #‎DOT ‪#‎tourism

 … Dreams do come true. This is something I wholeheartedly believe …

 Central Visayas in Region VII


1st Day – Lapu-Lapu Historic Resort City

Lapu-lapu Statue in Cebu City

Lapu-Lapu Statue

The monument marks the defeat of Magellan and the braveness of Lapu-Lapu, the first Filipino who fought for the country’s freedom. Mighty Lapu-Lapu, a local to Cebu killed Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 and regained the country’s freedom from the colony of Spaniards. Recognized as the “first” Filipino national hero, Lapu-Lapu brought pride back to the country.

 Lapu-Lapu Shrine in Cebu City

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

A 20 metres (66 ft) bronze statue, erected in honor of Lapu-Lapu, a native leader who defeated Spanish soldiers led by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the 1521 Battle of Mactan

Bagacay Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse tower stands at a height of 172 feet in an uphill area overlooking the Mactan Channel. It sits on an elevated 5,000-sq m government property. For over 100 years, this lighthouse has provided guiding light to mariners, navigators and fishermen from coastal towns in northern Cebu. It has been a favorite subject of many painters and photographers for its notable architectural design.

San Fernando Rey Parish Church

Also known as Liloan Church, across the munisipio, is likewise fetching. Unfortunately, it was closed during my visit. The church was constructed in 1847. I he meter thick wall, Am I amazed at how this church has been preserved.

Danao’s City Old Church

Visiting Catholic churches is a must for me whenever I travel anywhere in the Philippines whom I am glad that I got the chance to pay it a visit too. The Danao City Church, or more officially known as Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church, was built in 1755. The church suffered partial destruction during the Second World War. The church is quite big and its bell tower serves as a marker for those who are sailing to Danao City. The church grounds are wide enough to allow parking for several vehicles.

 Durano Foundation Complex

The Durano Foundation complex is located in Barangay Guinsay, Danao City. Although the complex is situated just along the North National Highway, it is often overlooked mainly due to its run-down appearance. The compound houses a church, a home for the aged, two sets of Stations of the Cross, countless busts of popes and saints, and tableaus of some of the most important scenes in the Christian world.




The island was known for its wide white sand beach, known as Bounty Beach; it has also become known for its beautiful coral gardens and excellent local dive spots!

The Island has the charm that many so often wished to find in a tiny isolated beach paradise.

Just a heap of sand and rocks in the middle of the Visayan Sea. It is a charming island!

The beach bungalows nestled in between the locals’ homes makes you feel like you have really left the western world behind…


#Visit Malapascua, a tropical island with an awesome beach!


3rd Day – #‎BANTAYAN ‪#‎ISLAND

Is a beautiful Island, and currently Cebu’s semi-secret little Island Paradise (small numbers of travelers over the years have slowly been putting the word out) located just off the northwest tip of Cebu’s mainland!



Hall of Bantayan

Bantayan Island is essentially a fishing island group. It is reported to be within the migration route of fish coming from the equatorial belt of China Sea. Bantayan is blessed with abundant fish because of its strategic location.


Sto. Nino Cave

This cave may be given this name because of the statue of Sto. Niňo. It’s not very wide and the main attraction here is the pool. Though one could also give reverence to the figure. Due to safety and preservation precautions, only a maximum of 20 people are allowed to go inside. We didn’t stay too long in the water. It’s just enough for us to take a dip and pictorials

Obo-Ob Mangrove Park

The park shows the beauty of Mangroves how it helps a lot for the marine ecosystem. It serves as a breeding ground and a home for different kinds if fish. A turle was tied up under the bridge and I felt sorry for the poor thing. The charm and the friendly people of the island will you show you the way.


Bantayan Old Church St. Peter and Paul Parish

The most imposing historical structure in Bantayan is the five century old Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church. Located in the heart of the town across the town plaza. The church is made of corals and stones endemic in the island. With its skillfully crafted architecture and well-preserved antiquity, the church is not just a hub of spiritual activities but is a tourist “must-see” destination as well.

Ogtong Cave Resort

Is the sister resort of Santa Fe Beach Resort. Is one of the most visited and interesting places to see in Bantayan. It has white sand beaches just at the foot of coral rocks that serve as the foundation and put the resort on an elevated position.

The most noticeable feature of Ogtong resort is its famous cool and refreshing cave – The Ogtong Cave.

The cave is available for swimming or dipping. It is pure and cool and particularly refreshing in this tropical temperature.


4th Day – Cebu City Proper

Thank you so much Cebu for the warm Welcome, Good Weather, and Comfortable Accommodation and for the Safety Transportation.

Also specially thanks to My ByahengMindanaw Group for the great experience, for being a significant part of one of the best trip ended, Shokran!