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Jose Rizal Shrine, Prison Cell – Explore at Fort Santiago

June 7, 2014

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Exploring Jose Rizal Shrine/Prison Cell
Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila City
“The monument statue of the our hero in Rizal Park, Manila”

Unfortunately, I had my unplanned tour during one of my visit in Manila 2013…
I made a quick stop to Explore plus take Photos on the subjects!
“The Moat and Entrance of Fort Santiago, Intramuros”

There are a number of significant corner of Fort Santiago, with the Rizal Shrine as the centerpiece, which includes the Prison Cell…

SHORT GLIMPSE which I catch sight of on the wall

“Path of Jose Rizal to Bagumbayan”

(note the footsteps as Rizal leaves Fort Santiago)

rizal10Copy of Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere at Rizal Shrine” wrote on the floor

RIZAL SHRINE – The brick ruins are part of the oldest building in Fort Santiago. Built in 1593, the structure was a barracks building for Spanish soldiers. During the American period, army officers and their families lived here. The building was eventually destroyed during World War II.
The Rizal Shrine is a modern museum built in 1593 and houses the memorabilia of national hero Jose Rizal. Our national hero’s cell was in the former Cuarto de Repuesto or storage area and pantry. A model of the cell during his imprisonment is one of the main attractions of the shrine. In 1996, the shrine was renovated as part of the centennial celebration of Rizal’s martyrdom and the Philippine Revolution.
“Part of the wall where Mi Ultimo Adios at Rizal Shrine Fort Santiago – Written”


A marker at the shrine you can see… summarizes the important details of Rizal’s life as a national hero and martyr: “Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal is our National hero and Martyr, the greatest apostle of Filipino nationalism.

“Ang Piitan (Prison Cell) of Jose Rizal”


PRISON CELL OF JOSE RIZAL – In this cell Jose Rizal was detained prisoner from 3 November to the morning of 29 December 1896 falsely charged with rebellion, sedition and formation of illegal societies.

“Writings inside the Contemplation Room”

After the reading of the court sentence at 6 AM 29 December, he was kept in an improvised chapel until his execution at 7:03 AM 30 December 1896 on the Luneta, Bagumbayan Field, Manila.

And so, started take to task for not having visited Fort Santiago, like it’s a national sin, my friend speak!

How can I say “no” to an opportunity to discover and explore something new?

Anyway, “You haven’t been to Fort Santiago?”

rizal2“Guardia Civil at Fort Santiago, Intramuros”