Mt. Apo Rainforest – Highest Peak Journey


Bongolanon via Ilomavis Trail – March 27 to 31, 2013


“A WORLD WITHIN – Universe of creation unfolds as one set foot in this land of abundance, Mt. Apo”

GET READY TO HIKE . . . meters through thick wetland with mossy vegetations and trees to get to the peak?

YOU CAN’T HELP BUT … marvel at the landscape, luscious green swathe of rain forest, plant life of flowers and field that stretches to walk more than 18 hours for over 27 kilometers in 4 days. It starts flat on side of the horizon, and gradually slopes up and down toward the opposite side, past hills, streams and muddy area… and by the end of it you’ll be caked with dirt and splattered with mud and tired one. But you’ll want to do it all over again the adventure at…

“BONGOLANON TRAIL, Sitio Waterfalls, Barangay Bongolanon, Municipality of Magpet, North Cotabato to LAKE VENADO to reached MT. APO and back Via LAKE VENADO to LAKE AGCO ILOMAVIS, KIDAPAWAN CITY TRAIL: SUMMER TREK 2013 – March 27 to 31, 2013.”


mtapo13When we only see the world from a single perspective it is easy to forget that just beyond the horizon there’s a place where nature and people still leave in harmony and joy. A place where time and wonders dumbly and beauty is in place inside. Once in a while it is nice to stop and appreciate the simpler things in life. Trying to keep images in a nature visible perspective –THE MT. APO!




mtapo7Fortunately, my canon 450D takes care of that. Sometimes expressing for both light and shadow can be quite a challenge. Just to capture stunning views and sceneries, the final details of natures treasure is in. Behind every quartered is the personal story waiting to be searched and celebrated – THE CLIMB AND TREK!




mtapo30My camera can captures in a different textured like vivid, warm, intense, night and more. Photographs have a way to bring people closer and its moment like this that connects life, object and spirit landscape. The heart taking scenery of Mt. Apo, Lake Venado and others beneath my view images stimulation captured the ideal mode – PERFECT SNAPSHOTS!




Opportunity knocks once at every man’s door. No one knows exactly when and where. But it will. It’s up to the person whether he’ll hold on to it or let it slip through his fingers.

All physical endeavors demand a firm fitness base. To perform efficiently, one should have adequate muscular strength and stamina, above-average flexibility exercise, appropriate body weight and body composition movement and specific type and level of endurance in preparation of the events.

Climbing/Trekking, a sport that gives a premium to agility, speed, technique and power, is of no exception. Need to be able to move around the ground with ease, carrying our body efficiently to any point on the ground to execute appropriate walks as needed. They should be able do this consistent by throughout the climb/trek events without a dip in their performances, displaying stamina and endurance relative to the intensity and duration of the events.

Endurance is governed by training; it is a power sport requires more than engaging in continuous, long-duration exercise like walking, jogging, running and biking in developing “endurance”.

Efficiency requires the development of power endurance and speed endurance – in that order!

Mt. Apo, the country’s highest peak, provides an inspiring backdrop to the city, arising 9,692 feet from the rich fertile lands of Davao City, Davao del Sur and North Cotabato. In its slopes, burgeoned with rain forests, a paradise of waterfalls and springs inhabits the endangered Philippine Eagle.

Conquering Mt. Apo peak is known to the natives as the kingdom of the mountain god, Apo Sandawa, Mt. Apo is also the home of the Philippines’ rarest orchids, plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and butterflies. It is also a favorite climb site of foreign and local mountaineers.

Lake Venado located at the foot of Mt Apo; it is… the highest lake in the country, est. surface elevation of 7,200ft or 2,194m above sea level!



Day 1 – March 27
10:30am Tagum City Overland Terminal to Davao City Ecoland Terminal – P120.00
01:30pm Davao City to Kidapawan City (Van along Gaisano Mall – P 150.00)
05:10pm Kidapawan City to Barangay Bongolanon, Municipality of Magpet, North Cotabato – P100.00
05:30pm Sitio Waterfalls, Barangay Bongolanon, Municipality of Magpet, North Cotabato
07:00pm Dinner

mtapo20aDay 2 – March 28
07:30am Breakfast
08:30am Magpet Tourism Adventure Briefing – P500.00 Entrance Fee
09:00am Start of Climb and Trek, Bongolanon Trail Mt. Apo Rainforest Adventure
05:35pm Bob-Bong Camp (after 5 campsite stations)

mtapo8Day 3 – March 29
08:00am Trekking Bob-Bong Camp to Lake Venado
01:00pm Lake Venado

Day 4 – March 30
03:30am Climb/Trek to Mt. Apo Peak from Venado Lake
07:30am Peak of Mt. Apo
09:00am Mt. Apo Peak to Lake Venado
12:45pm Lake Venado

mtapo12Day 5 – March 31
07:30am Climb and Trekking Lake Venado to Lake Agco
01:20pm Lake Agco
03:30pm Kidapawan City
04:00pm Kidapawan City to Davao City
07:30pm Davao City Ecoland Terminal to Tagum City
08:45pm Tagum City – Home



Thanks to Ms. Caroline Espejon of Davao City for inviting me to join the adventure, the 13 teachers from Davao Chinese School and my Officemates in City Information Office Leo Timogan, Louie Bryan Mirafuentes Lapat, Kelvin Dongcoy Mcoy and Zee Palermo Zaragosa, who joined the adventure. Extends my thanks to all of them for much very supportive on me during the summer journey. The tent installation, food preparations and the camaraderie as a group and to our two porters and caretakers, THANK YOU!!

Lastly, To Our Almighty God who give Full Blessing on Me throughout the Journey, GOD BLESS US!