ASIK-ASIK SPRING FALLS, Alamada's Grandiose Jewel

ASIK-ASIK SPRING FALLS, Alamada’s Grandiose Jewel

August 5, 2015

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ASIK-ASIK SPRING FALLS Alamada's Grandiose Jewel

“Asik-Asik Spring Falls”

Alamada’s Grandiose Jewel

Sitio Dulao, Barangay Upper Dado, Municipality of Alamada

North Cotabato, Island Mindanao, Philippines


An invitation from a friends brought me to the mountains in the Municipality of Alamada, North Cotabato in quest of “Asik-Asik Spring Falls” that was recently discovered and is taunted to be one of the breathtaking nature-wonders … is a perfect place for nature enthusiasts and most popular destination in the region in this part of Island Mindanao, Philippines.

Asik-Asik are “spring falls” meaning  – not the usual river flows until it falls off a cliff kind of falls but the kind of falls that springs from the rocks and green vegetation before it drops down – is very amazing because there is no stream above the hill where the water comes. The water is springing from the mountain rocks.

The crystalline cascades of the spring falls emerges, not from the a river or a stream, but from the very earth, and descends into vertical wall wrapped in green, showering mist in this mystical sanctuary placed deep in the highlands of North Cotabato.



The source of water is not coming from a stream or cause by a river. It is a spring water gush flow through the stone crust of the mountain wall/rocks. Crystal clear cold water and its finest taste of natural and rich of minerals are quite good and rewarding to your thirst during a long trek and adventure, whom I try to drink.

I took a dip at the ice-cold waters. Chilly it may be, it was still refreshing. The wind draft from above made the place a lot cooler. I climbed up the rocks to enjoy the natural showers.

The place was just wonderful and relaxing that we spent about 3 hours in the place. We had the falls to ourselves arriving early and later we just had our bread and crackers for snacks and can goods, rice sealed with banana leaves as our lunch so we could maximize our time there.


I was tongue tied and impressed by the paradise that welcomed us upon entering the fall’s perimeter. This awesome sight now hides no more, as I am about to watch into its majesty. I’ve been visited to a number of falls in this part of the Philippines, but Asik-asik Spring Falls just grabbed the top of my Madayaw’s list!

The long trip, the tiring hikes, it’s all worth it! I’m still scrabbling for words to describe this wonder so I’ll just share my photos!

It is said that the falls is actually a haven of enchanted beings. There’s also a myth among the locals that the vines green vegetation’s that cover the face of the mountain cliff are also enchanted. They are said to bloom in December in a variety of colors, locals in the area says!


Unlike other scenic spots, the discovery of the falls is quite recent and dates back to 2012. Officially, the waterfall is recorded to have been discovered in April 4, 2012 and have been opened to the public in September of the same year. According to some of the locals whom I talked at the jump-off site, it was only recently that the water streamed along this side of the mountain.

Due to strong typhoons in the last few years, trees growing on the side of the mountain have been displaced. The removal of the trees created cracks and allowed the water to pass through.

Asik-asik is about 140 meters wide and it looks in a letter C form and about 60 meters high. It is quite tall and magnificent when seen for the first time. There is also a natural spring pool where visitors can swim and bask in the cold, clear waters.


From Municipality of Midsayap, North Cotabato Province takes a tricycle going to Municipality of Libungan Terminal for 20-30 minutes (P50.00/head). At Libungan terminal take a single motor (max of 3 passengers, P350.00/head) for going to Sitio Dulao, Barangay Upper Dado, Municipality of Alamada for 3 long hours of travel to wit; 2 hours in a fully cemented road and 1 hour passing through rough, uncomfortable road with rocks and boulders littering the way in the most of unpaved area. We stopped 3 times and walked due to difficult unsafe way.

Upon reaching the area in Sitio Dulao, the jump off site, registered at the local tourism office (P 30.00 registration fees).

Then you have to go down and hike to 1,200 steps of which 550 steps to the rough/uneven way and 650 steps fully cemented boardwalk and it takes around 45 minutes trekking to reached the spring falls, so accelerating but all of that effort is justified when you get to see the falls at last, WOW!

To me, this curtain-like waterfall of Alamada is simply a grand spectacle unlike any other and it was the most beautiful falls I have ever seen so far.


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Ms. Thristine Amoguis Sangco and Ms. Marygold Jugar Zulueta for the Invitations, SHOKRAN!


Asik-Asik Spring Falls, Municipality of Alamada, 18th July 2015