#DestinationTravel: ANAWANGIN COVE, Pundaquit, Zambales

#DestinationTravel: ANAWANGIN COVE, Pundaquit, Zambales

May 15, 2016

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 ANAWANGIN COVE, Pundaquit, Zambales



Municipality of San Antonio, Barangay Pundaquit, Zambales, Island Luzon, Philippines


“Great escapade away from the city”

Excellent place for people who’s looking for a serene escapade with silence of nature away from metropolis, town and cities. Really relaxing, the island is clean, filled with stamina in mountain hill-walking and reaching the top view is so amazing.


Anawangin Cove is surrounded by mountains of rocks theoretically known to be formed by ages of volcanic activities in the past. The cove looks a crescent-shaped surrounded by a white sand beach with mixture of volcanic ashes from Mt. Pinatubo when it erupted and the crystal clear waters.


4.2Photo Credit: Caroline Espejon

Behind the beach is a forest full of tall pine trees. It is a known and most popular destination for campers and beach goers alike. Just the mention of the name Zambales will ring a bell for those who have gone to the cove that a trip to Pundaquit is never complete without feeling Anawangin’s mixture of volcanic ash and white sand beneath your feet.



The cove is the nearest from the town proper of Pundaquit. It also is currently the most visited and developed amongst its neighboring coves. Owned by a local family who also lives in Pundaquit, they make sure that the place is well maintained and the shores are regularly cleaned by its caretakers.


It is a known and most popular destination for campers and beach goers alike.


But the most surprising phenomenon which has occurred in the past years was the growth of pine trees just behind the banks of the cove. The seeds were brought there by the memorable eruption of Mt. Pinatubo together with the ash fall, local mentioned.




6.2Photo Credit: Caroline Espejon

The sunset adds magnificence to the cove at the beach side. If you want a “Me” time or quality time with your friends, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the serenity of the place.


The place was picture perfect with mountains which you can climb if you’re tired of swimming. It also turned out you can do so much fun with less engagement to technology.



The token freebies – Souvenir


Pundaquit is a fishing village located in San Antonio, Zambales. The primary livelihood in this small, yet lively and beautiful town is fishing and tourism. Locals who speak both Ilocano and Zambal, also speak Tagalog as well.

The town is primarily known for its calm and clean beaches compared to its neighboring towns. Pundaquit is facing the open ocean of the China Sea, it maintains its calm shorelines. It is the best jump off point if you want to visit the Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove since it is the closest shores to these destinations.


Zambales Adventure of Madayaw WowDagway – SketchTography of Ron Barretto
Fine Art Model: Madayaw WowDagway
Pix grab from the FB Blog of the Amazing & Nature Explorer Madayaw WowDagway